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Cowl created with Bernat Pop

The Perfect Cowl Pattern

I found a cute little cowl pattern on Ravelry. It’s by Kristen Holloway and it can be made with one skein of a bulky yarn. She suggests trying different sized yarns and adjusting the size of the crochet hook as necessary, but I had purchased a cake? of Bernat Pop, which is an Aran weight, so a bit thinner than the bulky she used in the pattern. I stuck with the recommended hook size and was quite pleased with how it turned out. You can find the pattern here: Sweet ‘n Sassy 1 Skein Cowl by Kristen Holloway.

Getting Creative with Patterns

The yarn that Kirsten used in the pattern was a bulky yarn and one skein was 131 meters. I used Bernat Pop which is 256 meters, which was way more than I needed to complete the project. If I had stopped where the pattern called for, I would have been left with a scant amount of Bernat Pop that was not likely going to be useful for any other project, so I made my cowl longer, to end on an even block of colour. I really wanted a purple flower to match the jacket I would be wearing it with, so I started the flower from the other end of the skein.  Caron makes a similar product, also an Aran weight, called Cakes and they measure in at 350 meters. You’d definitely be able to make two regular sized cowls out of one Cake. The Caron Cakes are also 80% acrylic, 20% wool, so they would be warmer. It just depends on the colour choices available and your preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment, either!

The Perfect Pattern for Now

I say this is the perfect pattern, but I’m not going to commit to it. People are coming out with great new patterns all the time and I love to search Ravelry to try something new. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll get around to creating my own cowl pattern. I’m a bit addicted to making them, as I find them incredibly practical during our Vancouver Island winters. Stylin’, efficient, a pop of colour to liven up the sometimes dreary darkness.